Founded 1948

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • Yes, we are fundamentally a community-service organization and no member is compensated monetarily for their time, whether responding to calls, attending training, or maintaining our apparatus and facilities.

What is your response area?

  • Our "first-due" area is the eastern, most commercially and residentially dense, part of Greene County. It is bounded by Orange County to the east, Madison County to the north, Albemarle County to the south, and approximately Fredericksburg Road (Route 609) and Swift Run Road (Route 623) to the west. However, if the call warrants, we respond throughout Greene County and to mutual aid requests from the Barboursville Volunteer Fire Company and the Madison County Volunteer Fire Company.

Do you respond to EMS (Emergency Medical Services) calls?

  • Yes, if the call warrants. We do not transport patients to local hospitals, however, this is the responsibility of the Greene County Rescue Squad.

Can I rent your meeting hall for my event?

  • No, the meeting hall is currently under a long-term lease agreement.

Can I join the Ruckersville Volunteer Fire Company?

Can I donate to the Ruckersville Volunteer Fire Company?

  • Yes, just click the button below to donate using PayPal. You may also send us a check. Tax receipts are available. Contact with any questions.